MARTECS is a multifunctional service company able to carry out the full cycle of contract works in the oil and gas industry, as well as in the marina construction and engineering. Our scope of services include design development; management of construction processes and, when needed, recruitment of specialists for key project positions and executive level management; procurement; delivery and acceptance; logistics and expediting.

We are especially proud to include industrial climbing in the list of services our company provides. This special technique of steeplejacking facilitates substantial reductions in customer expenses through bypassing the use of scaffolding, cradles and other expensive hoisting devices. This type of service is used in all kinds of construction, operation, maintenance, emergency repair, etc. This type of work implies services connected with electrical and mechanical fitting, welding, painting, slinging operations, trials, inspections, etc. Industrial alpinism allowed our company to safely carry out work in a support-free environment, where workers reaches their working station by going up and down a rope, and therefore reach even the most heard-to-reach areas.