In December 2017, professionals occupying key positions in construction projects of various international offshore oil and gas facilities made a decision to unite their skills and knowledge.

Our vast practical experience, professional knowledge, long list of business contacts and friendly relations with partners all over the world confirms MARTECS’ extensive industry experience.

After engaging us for just one project, you’ll be able to understand the underlying reasons for our self-confidence:

Package approach

Most often it is possible to save time, effort and financial resources by choosing the package approach to problem solving. For instance, the task in technical consulting may be joined with the following outsourcing of hard-to-find personnel able to solve identified problems or further improve performance.


Within a short period of time, we can form and mobilize a highly-professional project team for almost any required task.


There is no task is too big or too small for us. We quickly react to meet any customer requirements.

Experience and fresh perspective

Though on average our specialists have over 25 years of experience in the field, we constantly search for younger professionals. We sincerely believe and we have already managed to prove that such professional dialogues generate new experiences for us and for our customers.

Minimized paperwork

We prepare any documentation required by law at the same time insulating you from redundant bureaucratic procedures.

Customer goal orientation

Starting with the moment you set a goal for us and throughout the problem-solving process we will listen to all your demands and desires. Yet, we always reserve the professional right to recommend the optimal way to problem solve or offer non-routine ways of achieving the desired goal.